PeaceWays is a peace group centered in 
Battle Creek, Michigan.

The mission of the group is to live in peace 
and help create peace in the world.

Consider all the things you can do as an individual to create peace in the world. A world of peace begins with you. You have the power to change things. With all of us working together, we can make a better world.

Peace brings happiness, joy, and hope. Love and peace work together. May you have both!

There is information about Peaceways  in the brochure, which is a free download. You may print out a copy of the brochure for yourself or to give to a friend.

"There is no way to peace...
Peace IS the way."

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Peace Vigil Battle Creek, Michigan
Download a free PeaceWays brochure to print out by clicking the link below. ( a 674kb PDF file)
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Fr. John Marie-Baptiste Vianney, the Director of Peaceways, passed on to join the Lord in 2021. He will be remembered as a kind, Saintly man, who devoted his life to helping others, significantly, the poor and homeless. Known for his kindness, humor, generosity, vigor, goodwill, and honesty, he led a group of peacemakers in actions to help migrant workers, poor families, and many others. The group disbanded when his health declined. However, the precepts of Peaceways continue as long as people strive to live in the ways of seek peace with each other and to live the way Christ would have us live. Fr.Vianney was of the order of St. Francis and took vows of poverty, to not acquire wealth for himself, but to give to the poor, to live a humble life and to help others. He lived up to his vows. He was a blessing to all who knew him.
Rest in Peace, beloved Father John.

With the passing of Fr. John Vianney, Peaceways as a group officially disbanded. However, the ways of peace live on in all who love and live in the ways of peace. You can create your own peace ways and live by example of the grace of a pure heart and peaceful life.